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ISE101x: Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business
a course of study offered by HKPolyUx, an online learning initiative of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University through edX.

Module 1 – What is Knowledge Management?
1.1 Introduction
1.2 A Brief History of Knowledge Management
1.3 KM Processes & Frameworks
1.4 KM Tools and Practices
1.5 Technical KM Tools
1.6 Soft KM Tools
1.7 KM Projects & Programs
1.8 Relationship between KM and Big Data
Module 2 – KM Tools, Applications & Case Studies
2.1 Taxonomy & Folksonomy
2.2 Search Engines
2.3 Portal
2.4 Knowledge Audit for Unstructured Business Process
2.5 Change Management
2.6 Hong Kong Police KM Journey
Module 3 – How to Leverage the Cloud for Collaboration and Innovation?
3.1 Introduction to Cloud Computing
3.2 Cloud Services & Cloud-based KM Systems
3.3 The Knowledge Cloud
3.4 Human-machine Co-operative Problem Solving
3.5 Cloud for Learning and the Future of Cloud Services
3.6 Managing Knowledge in the Age of Digitalization
Module 4 – What is Open, Structured & Unstructured Information?
4.1 Web of Document (Un-Structured Data)
4.2 Web of Data Structured Data – Linked Open Data
4.3 Web of Data – Library Take-up
4.4 Social Media
4.5 Sentiment Analysis
4.6 Semantic Technology
4.7 Science 2.0
Module 5 (Part 1) From Data Warehousing to Data Science & Big Data
5.1 The basics: Databases and Data Mining
5.2 The Application lifecycle in On-line Business
5.3 Analytics: BI, OLAP, and Advanced Analytics
5.4 Classic Data vs. Big Data
5.5 Principles of Data Governance
Module 5 (Part 2) From Data Warehousing to Data Science & Big Data’
5.6 The Hadoop Stack Ecosystem
5.7 Analytics & Applications and case studies
5.8 Advanced Topics in Big Data Analytics
5.9 Conclusions and Lessons Learned
5.10 Big Data overview (Module Summary and New Frontiers)

Course End
Jan 25, 2018

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
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